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    Work breakdown structure of the project is specified as Bill of Quantities (BOQ). Each BOQ will have specified Quality criteria mentioned in the Quality Manual prior to execution. 

    Work shall proceed as per accepted drawings and technical specifications only are the prime motto of quality control.

    Quality Criteria of all material will also be specified in the Quality Manual prior to execution.

    Quality at site is confirmed in 3 steps.

    Step 1:

    The quality criteria regarding materials, workmanship and work procedure is made in the check list form and will be filled by the site Engineer/Project Engineer counter signed by Senior Project Engineer and will be send to Head (QA/QC) on daily basis. The same shall be checked by Head (QA/QC) and appropriate action will be taken if required.

    Step 2:

    There are quality intent levels specified in Quality Manual prior to the execution. Quality intent levels are those levels beyond which the site team cannot proceed without the written intent of the Head (QA/QC), Head (QA/QC) will personally inspect the site and will give his OK/OK proceed with changes/Make changes and re-inspect to the contractor and site team.

    Step 3:

    For Materials, the samples will be approved by the Head (QA/QC) and the same shall be kept at site. Site team will compare the lot with sample and will take appropriate action.

    The quality Manual will be given to client and contractor on order confirmation. We envisage 3 tier checking at site.(Project Engineer, Senior Project Engineer & Head (QA QC)

     How we control the Time? 

    The consistent effort to reduce the variance between the baseline schedule and actual pace of the project is the soul of Time control.

    A baseline master schedule shall be prepared by Head (Project Development) in consensus with Head (Contract Management) and Head (Execution Co-ordination). The same shall be conveyed to the Contractor and Consultants.

    Reason for delays will be many in no viz
    . Inappropriate supply of materials.
    . Inadequate deployment of work force.
    . Design issues (Non issue of required drawings, documents etc)
    . Client requested changes.
    . Non allocation/distribution of funds by Client.
    . Local issue (Harthal/Strike/non availability of materials, Holidays, Union issues)
    . Act of God (Natural calamities)
    . Non performance of the work force (Quality and Quantity wise)
    . Non performance of Consultants.
    . Issues regarding right of way boundaries/local authority objections etc.

    Head (Execution co-ordination) will be responsible for the Time control. He will assess the Project on a weekly basis and will take appropriate steps to bring the project back to baseline schedule.

    The contractor and Consultants will be given milestones and compensation for delay clause to ensure that the Project is in track always.

    How we control cost?

    A baseline estimate shall be prepared with respect to the architectural, structural and MEP drawings by Head (Project Development) in consensus with Head (Contract Management)

    Head (Resources) will be responsible for the cost control of the project. No material shall be purchased without purchase order and No work force shall be deployed without work order is the motto for Cost Control. Purchase Order/Work Order shall be made on the combined decision made with client which will be based on the comparative 

    statements prepared by Head (Resources) duly negotiated and finalized with respect to the baseline estimate.

    The reconciliation statement prepared by Head (Contract Management) on each milestone will also show the clear variance of the project cost at each milestone level with respect to baseline estimate.

    How we communicate?

    In a project following communication will happen

    . Client vs Project Management Consultants.
    . Project Management Consultants Vs Architect and Sub consultants.
    . Project Management Consultants Vs Contractors and Material Vendors.

    All communication shall be through email and a copy of every mail shall be marked to client to maintain the transparency.

    Any correspondence from Client/ Architect/Sub Consultants with Project Management Consultants shall be with our Head (Client Co-ordination). He will co-ordinate with PMC officers. The reply or any communication from Project Management Consultants to Client, Architect/Structural Consultants will be through Head (Client Co-ordination) only.

    Head (Design Co-ordination) will assist the Head (Client Co-ordination) in communicating with Architects, Sub consultants.

    The Communication with contractors and material vendors with PMC shall be with Head (Resources) making a copy to Head (Client Co-ordination) which in turn will be send to Client By Head (Client Co-ordination).