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    Functions of Construction Project Management


    1. Inviting & Finalising bids from contractors, material vendors on behalf of the Owner (Resource Management)

    2. All necessary co-ordination with architects, structural consultants and or other appointed consultants for necessary drawings of the project, revisions progress and joint visits for critical problems and discussion on site and Verify the project layout, building layout, strata, other surveys reports of projects and actual implementation on site (Design co-ordination).

    3. Attain overall control on ‘Quality’ of work (Quality Control).

    4. Ensure that projects in progressing exactly in accordance with the laid down targets shown in the bar charts, by proper co-ordination between material, labour and contractors. (Time Control).

    5. Control the cost and scope of work (Cost Control).

    6. Works co-ordination with all contractors. Assist Owner in Settlement of rates, Bills,Final bills, Payment schedules v/s work schedules, disputes, legal agreements,written communication etc. with all working contractors and agencies. (Contract Management & Works co-ordination).

    7. Periodic reporting to Owner, about individual project progress working difficulties,legal problems, sanction of budget, Material delivery schedule, concept of cost economy, requirement of staff, contractors, consultant, efficiency of individual resources, suggested modifications in the work and systems, other departmental problems, training programs, seminars, new material/systems implementation etc. (Client Co-ordination)