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    M/s Jayaprakash and Prakash Constructions Private Limited is a private limited company incorporated under Indian Companies Act 1956.The idea of formation of a company took its inspiration from a partnership firm named Prakash and Prakash formed in the year 1998 started by two engineers. In the year 2004 the partnership firm was resolved to a private limited company named M/s.Jayaprakash and Prakash Constructions Private Limited.
    The Company is engaged in delivering Project Development and Management services for civil engineering projects. Till date company has managed many projects ranging from Individual Residential Villas, High-rise Residential Apartments, Commercial MallsCommercial BuildingsWater Treatment Plants, Institutional BuildingsHospitalsLuxury Hotels, Factory Premises etc.

    Our Vision is to provide safe, sound, aesthetic, energy efficient and environment friendly solutions to all construction related challenges faced by mankind through development and delivery of excellent construction project management services confirming to global standards.

    Our Mission is to develop, execute, control and commission the projects undertaken, on time, keeping quality, costs, resources and schedules in line with efficient planning.


    Core Values


    ü    Growth Oriented optimistic dreams

    ü    Positive and sharing attitude

    ü    Clarity in ideas

    ü    In-depth subject knowledge

    ü    Will to succeed

    ü    Perseverance

    ü    Accountability in character

    ü    Continuous improvement towards excellence


    Benefits to Client by Deploying a Project Management Team:-

    O Client can avoid an inhouse Engineering Department.
    O Relief from stress, related to the progress, challenges and completion of the construction project.
    O Effective mitigation of the project related risks through adoption of formal project management methods.
    O Monitoring of market fluctuations and early intimations about the same.
    O Regular, timely and accurate updates from the work site regarding the progress of the project.
    O Ability to focus on making quick and wise decisions on the project.
    O Freedom from day-to-day operational control and approvals related to the work through effective delegation.
    O Timely and proper handling of all agreements through proper channels.
    O Effective coordination with Drawings and Design.
    O Efficient handling of contractors’ and workers’ relationship and coordination.
    O The strict control of the work at site by the project management team.
    O Freedom from worry regarding delays in work.
    O A single point of interface and responsibility for all aspects of the Project from the client’s perspective.
    O End-to-end project management from inception to commissioning.
    O Effective and timely escalation of any changes, needs etc to make wise decisions.
    O Effective coordination, monitoring and updates to client with proper actions taken throughout the project
    O Immediate availability of accurate,timely,detailed information regarding cost,quality,time and resources
    O All the benefits of the effective and efficient project management and control at a very affordable cost.

    Quality Policy 

    Jayaprakash and Prakash Constructions Pvt. Ltd. is committed to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction through delivery of Project Management Services (PMS), which enable our clients to effectively control the schedules, cost and quality of their construction projects peacefully, through an effective, efficient and continually improving management system.

    Quality Objectives

    . Customer satisfaction should continually improve towards 100%

    . Employee satisfaction should continually improve towards 100%

    . Cost and Schedule variance of projects should continually reduce towards 0%

    . Errors and rework in projects should continually reduce towards 0%

    . Accidents at site should continually reduce towards 0%

    . Non conformity against quality standards should continuously reduce towards 0%

    . Achievement of continually improving internal business targets on revenue, growth and profitability.